A Tale of Firsts

My first official post of my new blog! My first full day at our new house! And our very first ever MAILBOX! 

I know, who gets excited about a mailbox? Well, as I have lived all 25 years of my life without one, I’m pretty excited that I finally have one right at the end of the driveway. Growing up we had a P.O. Box, then Cat and I were in apartments, and our first house had local mailboxes since we were in a community. But here we are, house #2, and I finally get to put in a mailbox of my very own. 

And put it in was exactly what I had to do. Since the house was a flip when we bought it, the last owner had taken the mailbox down so no mail got delivered, since no one lived there. The old one was tossed behind the shed, full of bugs and dirt. I could have gone and bought a new one, but the plan with this whole house is to keep the rustic and bring in some modern; so a mailbox makeover was my first task in our remodel. 

Here’s the old one:

Old rotten post, dated little fishing painting, and, on the other side, the previous owner’s name. So step one, I had to get the post off. A hammer and a flathead screwdriver and I weaseled it off. The old screws were rusted enough that just a quick hit and they snapped off.

Then I washed it, scrubbed all the dirt off and wiped it dry. The spray paint needs a dry surface so I left it in the sun for a bit before getting the paints ready. I used Rust-oleum, both a primer and a white satin paint.

When the mailbox was dry, I did a single coat of primer on all sides, including the front and back. 

If by chance you’re also fixing up an old mailbox, don’t do what I did here. I thought it would be best to spray it on one side, wait, then turn it over. All it did was leave me with paint runs on the top. Which was kind of a ‘duh’ moment. Stand it up and spray it completely so that if anything runs, it’ll be near the bottom. 

Then I did three coats of paint, waiting for each coat to dry before doing the next one. Slowly saying goodbye to the Greenwoods! 

Once it was completely dry, I stuck the number and street on the side with letters you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s, or probably any hardware store. The numbers aren’t fancy, but they get the job done. And now the mailbox is ready to be mounted! 

Obviously the old post wasn’t going to cut it, so I picked up a post from Home Depot that didn’t require any digging – just a hammer to get it staked into the ground. Not as sturdy as cementing it in, but all of our bigger tools are still in storage in Maine, and so this had to do. I will be adding a base around the mailbox soon, so that should steady it more. That being said, this cheap post was still fairly sturdy. Kind of matches the red house too! I’m sure my new neighbors enjoyed watching the crazy new lady pounding a post into the ground with just a small hammer. I didn’t have a mallet but it still worked! 

And heres my best helper, watching me from a distance. We put a new Invisible Fence in as soon as we moved in yesterday, and he knows what those little white flags mean. 

 We even had some visitors next door, enjoying the beautiful summer day!

After Elliot and I sat and watched the deer for a while, all that was left to do was screw the box onto the top. And now we have our very first mailbox 😊 All I need now is to replace the little flag, but that’s for another day. 

A little before and after comparison:

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